This side of the forest longing for the great ocean
  a large scale drawing presented in Belgrade in the form of
a poster and a website comprised by the serbian public. The work is about sharing, collecting and reflecting the
general in the particular concerning memory, wandering of thoughts, personal and geographical realities.
The work derives from the current state of affairs where mobility has both a front side as well as a back side,
 irrespectively moving from one place to another ad up and becomes part of one’s private history.

Please also visit; which is a container for narrratives on the web.
A site comprised of work made by the audience through an open call in response to the poster.

Do you miss some one you have lost? What time is it?

You can add a comment to the letter by uploading  texts, sound and/or images. Images; a song,
a picture of a drawing you’ve made or simply describe your references or personal experiences with words.