The Wave (Libra) (2013) is an installation of large-scale papers, collages and drawings. The work invites the viewer to enter into a book.
 Large numbered sheets of paper direct the action creating a structure that the viewer orientates through.
A wave is a physical phenomenon, a disturbance or oscillation that travels through space-time, accompanied by a transfer of energy.
In Swedish it is also an astronomical constellation depicting the scales of justice (Libra). Taken as a slice of reality,
but delimited by the viewers’ subjective perception, the work will describe an event as seen from behind or from within, beyond the line of sight.
The Wave (Libra) is a text-based study of wave-motion, which exists in the context of contemporary life given multidimensional implications.
Fields of allusions and emotions, such as fears, movement and travel, extend their meanings into the spheres of economy,
collective society and the private self.
The text is a kind of container for the imaginary, and sketches and models exemplify a personal search, as well as a connection with the
present and the collective. Based on observations and lyrics, the viewer is invited to shift perspectives and develop the artist´s thought process.
The Wave (Libra) was originally shown at the ARTES , Porto, Portugal.