Summerroom (2006), part of the exhibition "Norberg, Västmanland - Bergslagen - Sweden - Scandinavia - 27 July 2006, at lunchtime".
A residency culminating in works sited in and around Norberg. Organisers and hosts: Lisa Panting and Malin Ståhl

"Pia is also using the riverside. Behind the library she will place hammocks.
She will use the trees to stage curtain-like fabrics. Paintings in the wind - Hilma af Klint cut from sailcloth.
The act of reading is being staged. The public will be invited to go to the library and collect a bag of books
to take outside and read in the hammock. Pia is talking about making a selection of books that in one way
or another relate to the subject of cavities, underground foot tunnels, shadows, the upside down and inside out.
Lying in the hammock you hear the sound of the river. A deep breath, a pause".  - from the exhibition magazine