“I have never been here before! The door to a new room (opens and enters)”

29 oktober – 19 november, 2005, AK28, Stockholm, Sweden

Conversation between Amelie Rydqvist and Pia Sandström:
In your work, it first seems as if one is walking around in the remains of a drama, a crime of passion
regarding being human. Now it struck me that it is probably I, the observer, who am part of that drama.
That one is thrown into it not having known the beginning, which makes everything more naked
since one is not initially agitated.

Yes, it can be just like that. You walk down the street and wonder who you meet.
It may be a different you in the figure of an old man with a dog. What was he just up to?
You´re affected and secretly become part of another life.

Your pieces move in or beteen different layers. This specific piece transforms the room into a labyrinth
by something resembling giant pages of a book. You turn and turn the pages. It´s also like a forest,
you walk and walk. Finally you reach a small and narrow space, an intimate room.
It is apparent that it´s something crucial (is it a bookshelf), have I become a book now?

Yes, you´re a book now. There are different sides to the mind, a contradiction between what goes on
above and beneath the surface. Does one know more the more one reads? I mean there is both a
fantasy-version and a true-version. These different sides, or layers that you mention,
are a kind of proposals, or more precisely flavours. The various tastes are exposed one at a time.

The texts turn towards the body, towards life: “anatomy”, “heart beats”. Is that where the reading begins?
However you look at it, that´s where it begins. The heart has to beat.
It´s easy to forget that there is a fantastic simultaneous life going on under the skin.