Crossing the water (2011)

Crossing the Water invites the viewer into a book transformed into a spatial work of art. The audience embarks upon a journey composed of large numbered
pages dangling from the ceiling. By opening up the plot in this way, the audience is asked to enter into and develop this strange work of fiction.
It is a room with endless possibilities for shifting perspectives and positions. Within the work I combine and explore large-
scale drawings and writings. It has something to do with scale and the notion of fantasy. The work moves like science fiction: within a pocket of
consciousness, within another galaxy or a parallel world. I want to investigate an idea and the quest towards another space.
It is about geographical closeness and cultural distance, where the simplest tasks become difficult or impossible.
The installation is suspended from the ceiling with thin threads attached to strips holding the papers and textiles.
Crossing the water was originally shown at the Cable Gallery/HIAP Helsinki 2011, supported by IASPIS, Stockholm.